Australian Aboriginal Women Educational Resources

Maternal & Infant Health

For Australian Aboriginals there is lack of culturally secure educational resources available for health professionals working in the field of diabetes in pregnancy. The ADIPS Educational Research prize (Novo Nordisk) resulted in the development of some of the new ADIPS resources.

Over a five-year period, Aboriginal women with diabetes attending antenatal clinics were recruited for focus groups or for individual participation. These resources were developed in the areas of maternal and infant health with the focus on nutrition for pregnancy, diabetes in pregnancy for self-management, PCOS, conception and contraception. A cyclical and iterative approach was used to develop, evaluate and correct educational resources with further testing of the resources with various Aboriginal language groups for transferability. Special thanks goes to members of ADIPS, Dr Shelly Wilkinson and Dr Susie De Jersey who peer reviewed the resources, all are considered experts in the field of Diabetes in Pregnancy and approved the technical content.

As a result ADIPS now has a comprehensive series of educational resources suitable for health professionals or members of the public. The resources are easily downloaded and reproducible, in a variety of formats ranging from simple brochures, diary formats, in a Power Point (Microsoft) format or printed as flip charts to be suitable for yarning groups.

The ADIPS Educational Research prize has resulted in an extensive, comprehensive and culturally secure collection of educational resources suitable for Australian Aboriginal women. These resources have approval by the ADIPS council to be hosted on the ADIPS Website as a resource for health professionals working in the field of diabetes in pregnancy or for pre-conception use in general diabetes clinics.

Contact: Dr Cynthia Porter PhD (UWA), Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian (AdvAPD, AdvAN), Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE), Certified Insulin Pump Trainer (CPT); Email Dr Cynthia Porter at:

Calendar Resources

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Infant Calendar birth to 12 months (PDF)*
Pregnancy Calendar (PDF)*
Pregnancy table Listeria (PDF)*



Download PDF
Baby food recipes Book 1 (PDF)*
Baby food recipes Book 2 (PDF)*
Introduction to solids (PDF)*
Poos, wees and nappies booklet (PDF)*



Maternal Health Resources

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Contraception booklet (PDF)*
Diabetes in Pregnancy (PDF)*
Maternal Health (PDF)*
PCOS, Alcohol, Diabetes Health Brochures (PDF)*
Pregnancy Planning Brochure (PDF)*
Top tips in two minutes prepregnancy T2DM (PDF)*





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Calcium Pamphlet (PDF)*
Diabetes in Pregnancy GDM - Simplified Pamphlet (PDF)*
Folate Pamphlet (PDF)*
Iodine Pamphlet (PDF)*
Iron Pamphlet (PDF)*





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Diabetes in Pregnancy Poster (PDF)*
Healthy Blood Strong Mothers & Babies (PDF)*
Healthy Mothers 6 week check-up (PDF)*
Healthy Mothers Health Babies (PDF)*