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ADIPS ADS Joint Statement on GDM Diagnosis during the COVID-19 pandemic


The following joint statement from ADIPS, ADS (Australian Diabetes Society), ADEA (Australian Diabetes Educators Association) and DA (Diabetes Australia) is to guide health professionals with the diagnosis of gestational diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic. To view the statement that was updated on 07 April 2020 please CLICK HERE



ADIPS Consensus Guidelines For The Testing And Diagnosis Of Gestational Diabetes In Australia

These guidelines have been further updated to be consistent with the WHO guidelines.

Read the ADIPS Consensus Guidelines (Please Note: These guidelines have been modified; November 2014)



ADIPS 2019 Guidelines for Pre-existing Diabetes and Pregnancy


This guideline will be available in mid 2020.




Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in Relation to Pregnancy

This has been published in the Medical Journal of Australia 2005; 183 (7): 373-377, at this link here

Please click here for the full ADIPS Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes in Pregnancy Guidelines, which includes more information than the published article.



Gestational Diabetes Book Publication

Open Access publication by InTech publishing. "Gestational Diabetes" Edited by Miroslav Radenkovic, Nov 2011. ISBN 978-953-307-581-5, Hard cover, 382 pages. The book consists of 21 chapters with articles relevant to both clinicians and researchers. The book is open access and can be freely downloaded.